Ashok G.V.

Ashok G.V.


Ashok G.V. is an advocate with Factum Law.


Opinion: To stand or not to stand during the national anthem

For my part, I don’t agree with the rebels not standing up, but I also remain humble enough to admit that I may not know or understand what they stand for. Read Article

Opinion: What judiciary can learn from Vijay Mallya, Big data and private sector in 2018

In the year, 2018 I hope that as a population we move away from demanding different laws and instead petition for a reformed system. Read Article

What happens to the accused in Ryan murder case? A legal explainer

In the case of a minor accused of killing another person, establishing that the minor had the level of intent and knowledge necessary to qualify as murder would not be an easy task. Read Article

#Metoo: Will cry for justice turn into mob lynching?

Me too campaign has raised voyeuristic curiosity on social media but the intervention of judiciary would help in bringing about justice Read Article

Reprieve for Talwars: A case of justice delayed but not denied

What makes this tragedy particularly bad for the Talwars is that they are both the loved ones without closure, as well as, the accused who languished in prison on the strength of a conviction order… Read Article

Why Child Rights campaigns in India have failed to stop incidents like Ryan school murder

What has changed after years of campaigns and protests? The law. But are our children any less victimised? No. Read Article

Bengaluru: The tragic face of development

From El Dorado, Bengaluru had turned into a nightmare courtesy the love for money. Read Article

Sarahah is validating a culture of shame

Sarahah reflects just how insecure and ashamed we have become about our most natural need to express ourselves. Read Article

The love and war over one's language

My native vernacular, after all, is not just a language, it is part of my?identity. Read Article

Is mob fury driving Indian judiciary?

Death penalty for the Nirbhaya rapists is the product of a jurisprudence that is inconsistent, lacks integrity and is frequently a polished version… Read Article

The curious case of the Lokpal Bill

The argument of the state against the constitution of the Lokpal has been outright rejected ||Governments must ensure solutions before the courts are called upon to intervene ||

Read Article

Is music forbidden in Islam?

Muslims, whose contribution to Indian music is legendary, are well within their rights to nurture the talents within the community Read Article

Understanding sexual violence: Beyond the discourse of victim-blaming

Sexual assault has nothing to do with desire but revolves around patriarchal power, anger, vulnerability and control Read Article