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US to research more on Marijuana, rejects re-classification

Marijuana has been currently classified as a ?Schedule I? drug by the US government. Photograph: (Reuters)

Reuters Seattle, WA, United States Aug 11, 2016, 01.26 AM (IST)
The US government on Thursday will allow more research into marijuana but has rejected requests to loosen the classification of the substance as a dangerous drug with no medical use, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

The decision, to be announced by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is an answer to a 2011 petition filed by two former state governors who asked federal agencies to re-classify marijuana as a drug with accepted medical uses, said two people who asked not to be identified.

The Drug Enforcement Administration declined to comment and the Food and Drug Administration did not immediately respond. But the DEA in an e-mail sent by its public affairs division to stakeholders on Wednesday said the agency would be making "important announcements regarding marijuana related topics" on Thursday.

For decades, marijuana has been classified as a ‘Schedule I’ drug with "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for
abuse," on par with heroin.

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