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US: Sikh man assaulted in possible hate attack

Maan Singh Khalsa sustained serious injuries to his eye and finger. The Sikh religion prohibits its followers, both men and women, from cutting their hair. Photograph: (Others)

New York, United States Oct 08, 2016, 02.30 AM (IST)

A 41-year-old Sikh man was brutally attacked in the US, his turban knocked off, and a tuft of his hair forcibly cut on September 25, reported the Sikh Coalition. 

The incident has prompted the Sikh Coalition, a civil rights organisation, to send a letter to the Richmond police department and the Contra Costa county district attorney’s office asking for an investigation into a possible hate crime. 

Maan Singh Khalsa, an IT specialist from California, was driving in Richmond, California on the night of September 25 when a man in a truck threw a beer can at his car, reported the Sikh Coalition. 

At an intersection farther up the road, three men got out of the truck and assaulted Khalsa through his open car window. They knocked off his turban and hit his face repeatedly, the Sikh Coalition reported.

The East Bay Times said Chase Little, 31, of Beaumont, Texas, and Dustin Albarado, 25, of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, were in the Bay Area on contract work when they and a third unidentified man reportedly assaulted Richmond resident Maan Singh Khalsa with their fists and a knife. 

“The attackers caused physical injuries and deep harm when they targeted my Sikh faith,” Khalsa told the Sikh Coalition. “I urge a thorough investigation so we can address the tide of violence and bigotry in this country.”

Khalsa sustained injuries to his fingers, hands, eye, and teeth, the Sikh Coalition said in a report. 

The East Bay Times reported that Khalsa's little finger may have to be amputated because of a cut that got infected. It added that he also suffered facial lacerations, a black eye, and dental damage that has cost him $2,200 so far.


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