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US missile strike on Syria: Conflicting reports on casualties

In this image released by the US Navy, the USS Ross fires a tomahawk land attack missile at the Syrian air force airfield. (AFP photo / US Navy / Mass communication specialist 3rd class Robert S Price) Photograph: (AFP)

WION Damascus, Damascus Governorate, Syria Apr 07, 2017, 03.49 AM (IST)

There are conflicting reports on the magnitude of the US missile strike in Syria. 

Syrian state television called the US strike on a Syrian airbase an act of aggression on Friday, quoting a military source saying there had been unspecified losses.

"US act of aggression against Syrian military targets, using several missiles," the channel said in a news alert soon after the US announced the strike. 

"One of our air bases in the centre of the country was targeted at dawn by a missile fired by the United States, causing loses," the station then quoted a military source as saying. The source provided no further details on the nature of the losses

Reuters quotes the Homs Governor Talal Barazi sayimg the strike is not believed to have caused "big human casualties" but has caused material damage.

AFP, however, quotes Barazi as saying, "There are martyrs, but we don't yet know the number either of martyrs or of wounded,".




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