UN Security Council condemns North Korean missile launch, calls it 'outrageous'

North Korea missile launch Photograph:( Reuters )

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Aug 30, 2017, 01.20 AM (IST)

The UN Security Council has condemned North Korea's lastest missile launch over Japan in Pacific calling it "outrageous".

The 15-member body denounced North's action and demanded that the Kim Jong-Un-led regime not fire any more missile.

"The Security Council stresses that these DPRK actions are not just a threat to the region, but to all UN member states," said the statement

The UN statement called on all the states to implementation the sanctions against Pyongyang.

The US-drafted statement was unanimouslybacked by all the members of the Security Council including China and Russia.

The statement does not specify any new sanctions against the North Korean regime.

Earlier this month, the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea aimed at hitting its export revenue.   

The new sanctions came in the backdrop of two long-range missile launches in July. 

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