UK Elections: Corbyn-led Labour ensures hung Parliament, Theresa May loses majority

Theresa May had said during the campaign that if she lost only a few seats then Corbyn could take office, presiding over a 'coalition of chaos' Photograph:( Reuters )

WION Web Team London, United Kingdom Jun 09, 2017, 01.08 AM (IST)

British PM Theresa May's political career hangs in balance as the election results pour in from across the UK today.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who was expected to lose badly has made a huge comeback strengthing his claim over his party. Labour's great show has clearly shocked Conservative PM Theresa May who had confidently declared her intention to go to the polls seven weeks ago.

The Conservative party won most seats in Thursday's general election but lost its parliamentary majority.

British Elections Results so far:

Target: 326 seats needed for majority

649/650 seats declared

Conservatives: Theresa May
Seats won: 318

Labour: Jeremy Corbyn
Seats won: 261

Scottish National Party: Nicola Sturgeon
Seats won: 35

Liberal Democratic: Tim Farron
Seats won: 12

Democratic Unionist Party: Ariene Foster
Seats won:10

Plaid Cymru: Leanne Wood
Seats won: 4

Sinn Feinn: Gerry Adams & Michelle O'Neil
Seats won: 7

Green PartyCaroline Lucas & Jonathan Bartley 
Seats won: 1

Others: 1








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British Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday she would form a new British government with backing from Northern Irish unionists after losing her Conservative majority in a snap general election || ||

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