Trump vows 'very strong' action against North Korea for test-firing missile

Speaking on the issue of immigration and border security, Trump continued to take a hard line saying he can't let in people who prove to be security risk for the country. Photograph:( Reuters )

WION Washington, DC, United States Feb 13, 2017, 10.23 PM (IST)

The US President Donald Trump has said that he would deal "very strongly" with North Korea after the country test-fired a ballistic missile.

Trump was addressing a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Obviously North Korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly," Trump said during the press conference.

But his response didn't mention as to what specific action he would initiate against the North Korean regime for violating the UN Security Council resolution by test-firing a ballistic missile.

The latest provocation is an addition to a string of such test-launches by North Korea which has raised tensions in the region especially among South Korea and Japan, two of the closest allies of the US in the region.    

The North Korean regime said that it had launched a medium to long-range ballistic missile on Sunday.

Speaking on the issue of immigration and border security, Trump continued to take a hard line saying he can't let in people who prove to be a security risk for the country hinting at further tightening of the vetting process.

"On the home front, we have to create borders. We have to let people that can love our country in, and I want to do that. We want to have a big beautiful open door and we want people to come in and come in our country, but we cannot let the wrong people in and I will not allow that to happen during this administration," Trump said.

The Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau said that he was not in the US to lecture Trump.

"The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. My role our responsibility is to continue to govern in such a way that reflects Canadians approach and be a positive example in the world," Trudeau said.

The United States, Japan and South Korea had requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss the latest missile test.

"The United States, along with Japan and the Republic of Korea, have requested urgent consultations on the DPRK’s launch of a ballistic missile on February 12," said a US mission spokesperson. 

The UN Security Council condemned North Korea's weekend missile launching in a statement on Monday.

"The members of the Security Council deplore all the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ballistic missile activities, including these launches," the statement read.

Japan said it was pleased with the council's resolve in discussing North Korea's latest missile firing.

(WION with inputs from Reuters)