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Trump lawyer in Russia case threatens stranger in email: 'Watch your back, b*tch'

A spokesman for Trump's lawyer, Kasowitz, said of the profane, threatening emails: "While no excuse, the email came at the end of a very long day that at 10 p.m. was not yet over." Image source: Twitter. Photograph: (Others)

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Jul 14, 2017, 01.50 AM (IST)

Donald Trump's personal lawyer in the Russia case Marc Kosowitz has responded to a stranger's email with bizarre and profane threats, according to an article by ProPublica. The emails' authenticity have been verified.

The man, a retired PR professional who requested anonymity, wrote an email to Kasich in response to an earlier ProPublica piece about Kasowitz with the subject heading: "Resign now."

The original piece about Trump's lawyer in the Russia case, Kasowitz, is important: It was about the lawyer not seeking a security clearance, despite the Trump-Russia case involving large amounts of classified material. 

ProPublica claimed that experts believed Kasowitz may have trouble getting such a security clearance, because of what multiple sources described as a recent history of alcohol abuse. In addition, former employees said he engaged in behaviour that made them uncomfortable. 

The security clearance background check also considers "any information relevant to strength of character, honesty, discretion, sound judgement [and] reliability."

A spokesperson for Kasovich said the lawyer "had not struggled with alcoholism" and disputed a couple other aspects of the first ProPublica story.


The emails

In response to the stranger's email, Kasowitz wrote a series of progressively longer, angrier emails over a half hour period between 9:30-10pm Eastern time. First was a two word response: "F*ck you."

The second one read: "I'm on you now. You are f*cking with me now Let's see who you are Watch your back , b*tch."

To this, the man responded: "Thank you for your kind reply. I may be in touch as appropriate."

"___ call me ____ if you want a conversation. I will have it with you. You are such a piece of sh*t. Call me. Don't be afraid, you piece of sh*t. Stand up. If you don't call, you're just afraid. Call me. 

In the final email, Kasowitz remarked on the man's supposed Jewish heritage. Kasowitz is also Jewish. He also went on to threaten him:

"I'm Jewish. I presume you are too. Stop being afraid. Call me. Or give me your number and I will call you. I already know where you live, I'm on you. You might as well call me. You'll see me. I promise. Bro."

The man sent it to the FBI because he was worried, but experts are reportedly divided over whether this could put Trump's lawyer in legal jeopardy. 


Kasowitz's response:

The report included an update with a response from Kasovich's spokesman:

“Mr. Kasowitz, who is tied up with client matters, said he intends to apologize to the writer of the email referenced in today’s ProPublica story. While no excuse, the email came at the end of a very long day that at 10 p.m. was not yet over.  ‘The person sending that email is entitled to his opinion and I should not have responded in that inappropriate manner,’ Mr. Kasowitz said.  ‘I intend to send him an email stating just that.  This is one of those times where one wishes he could reverse the clock, but of course I can’t.’”



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