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Rio mugger shot dead with own gun by Brazilian posing as Russian diplomat

The fight between the mugger and Russia's vice consul took place in the western zone of Rio where the Olympic Park and the Athletes' Village are located. Photograph: (AFP)

WION Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Aug 05, 2016, 01.24 AM (IST)
A would-be mugger in Rio de Janeiro died when a man fought back during the attempted robbery. Initially there conflicting reports, with AFP citing police saying the assailant attacked someone from the Russian consulate. 

"The vice consul got into a physical struggle with the assailant and during the fight, the aggressor's weapon fired shots. The assailant died of his wounds on the spot," AFP has reported.

Now it appears that the mugger was killed by the man he tried to rob, but this man has no connection to the Russian embassy. The Guardian published a statement from the Russian consulate saying:

“The embassy of Russia in Brazil informs that no representative of the Russian Consul General in Rio de Janeiro was involved in the attempted assault that ended with the death of the suspect in Barra da Tijuca this Thursday. The officials of the diplomatic mission are Russian citizens with Russian names, which was not the case (in Thursday’s incident).”

The fight, which took place in the same western zone of Rio where the Olympic Park and the Athletes' Village are located, was the latest high-profile crime in the city where 85,000 police and soldiers have been deployed to keep the peace during the Games.

Now, The Guardian, citing the Brazilian, says that the man originally reported to be a Russian diplomat was a Brazilian with fake identity papers who was passing himself off as a Russian diplomat.

According to Globo news, the victim was in his car with his wife and daughter, when they were ambushed by men on two motorbikes while caught in a traffic jam. One of the attackers broke the car window with his gun, and demanded the driver's watch. Instead of giving up the watch the man attacked the attacker, and in the struggle the suspect was killed with his own gun.

The second robber fled, according to the report.

Traffic jams are a favoured target for robbers on foot or on motorbikes in Rio, as well as buses which are regularly raided by armed men.

(WION with inputs from AFP)
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