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Qatar 'grateful' as Turkey supplies food amid blockade

Food is displayed in the popular Souq Waqif market in the Qatari capital Doha on June 7. Photograph: (AFP)

WION Web Team Ankara, Turkey Jun 16, 2017, 04.21 PM (IST)

Qatar said on Friday it is grateful for the food supplied by Turkey amid the ongoing row with Gulf Countries.

Qatar’s envoy to Turkey Salem bin Mubarak al-Shafi told the Hurriyet Daily News that the two countries have established an economic commission for provision of the necessary food and other supplies.

"Turkey has opened its market to us. We are grateful for this," Salem bin Mubarak al-Shafi said in the interview on June 15.

Al Shafi expressed his country’s appreciation for "the Turkish government’s enormous support in these difficult days."

“Turkey has become very helpful to us to this end. Some big companies of Qatar have come here and purchased mainly dairy products, because we had been procuring these from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia decided to impose a siege on us and it is shameful. Qatar is not a small country and it can get its needs from other markets. But they have broken the social bonds between our countries through this siege,” he said. 

Saudi Arabia-led Arab and Gulf countries imposed tough sanctions on Qatar last week, alleging it was supporting terrorist organisations. 

Saudi Arabia’s decision to close the land border with Qatar has caused shortages of food and some dairy products. 

Turkey has become one of few countries who have rushed help to Qatar. 

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan has said that Ankara would not abandon its regional ally. 

“The stance that President Erdogan has taken is a very honourable one. In this way, we have learned who our real friend is,” al-Shafi was quoted as saying in the interview.


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