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Police clash with G20 protesters in Hamburg as world leaders arrive

German riot police stand in front of protesters during demonstrations. Photograph: (Reuters)

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Jul 06, 2017, 08.53 PM (IST)

Police fired water cannon and pepper spray at protesters who had gathered to demonstrate against the G20 summit in Hamburg on Thursday after a group of black-clad demonstrators threw bottles and other objects at riot police.

Nearly 75 police officers were injured throughout the evening, with three requiring treatment in hospital, police told Reuters. 

"Police are still being attacked," a police told AFP. He added hat most of the officers hurt sustained light injuries.

A Reuters eyewitness saw at least one protester with blood on his face being treated.

Several arrests were also made. 

The protesters say the G20 has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace and were gathering for the demonstration dubbed "Welcome to Hell" by the anti-capitalist groups behind it.

The "Welcome to Hell" march has been called off but thousands of people remained on the streets as night fell intending to march, AFP reported. 

German riot police use water cannons against protesters during the demonstrations during the G20 summit in Hamburg. (Reuters)


THe fire brigade put out a car set alight during the "Welcome to Hell" rally against the G20 summit in Hamburg. (AFP)


A man bleeds during the "Welcome to Hell" rally against the G20 summit in Hamburg. (AFP)


German police expect around 100,000 protesters in Hamburg from around Europe, about 8,000 of whom are deemed by security forces to be ready to commit violence, Reuters reported. 

The demonstrations have tarnished the outset of the meeting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees as crucial in seeking policy consensus ahead of the election in September. 


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