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Meet Miquela, a computer simulation who is an Instagram influencer!

Miquela is a rising Instagram star Photograph: (Instagram)

WION Web Team Delhi, India Aug 22, 2017, 08.18 AM (IST) Zeba Khan

Miquela Sousa isn't your average Instagram star but she might look like one. 


Her Instagram profile goes by the name @lilmiquela, has 218 posts as of right now and enjoys 248k follower base.

For any average Instagram user, her photos are about fashion, makeup and positive stories that have a hint of political critique here and there. In totality, her profile perfectly fits the bill as a social media star. 


But wait, there's more to Miquela than what meets the eye.

Miquela isn't real--at least not a human. She is a computer simulation of a person who has been designed for reasons that remain unclear, by people who would very seriously prefer to remain unknown. 

Although the idea of a virtual celebrity isn't new--Miquela is quite from another generation of them. She has a fresh character who enjoys her fame and does it discreetly--so much so that you can't make out that she isn't even real.

But most importantly, her existence raises a lot of questions like how people now respond to virtual celebrity status. Her Instagram feed almost always looks like a place for followers and trollers to voice their jealousy or love. Some even argue whether she and her conspicuously computer-generated features are part of a savvy performance project, or if she’s been created to serve more brazen capitalist ends. 

Miquela's Instagram pictures are always at the receiving end of love and hate, both at the same time (Instagram)


While we don't know what Miquela is up to, she was happy to announce the release of her new single "Not Mine". It released on Spotify. 




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