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Live updates: PM Modi lands in Amsterdam for last leg of three-nation tour

US President Trump and first lady Melania saw PM Modi off as he exited the White House and was driven away.

WION Washington, DC, United States Jun 26, 2017, 03.50 PM (IST)

2017-06-26 21:20:00

PM Modi and US President Donald Trump will hold their first one-on-one meeting at the White House Oval Office in a few hours from now. 

Foreign investment and trade are likely to be the key points of discussion between the two heads of state, with the Indian PM expected to make a pitch for India as an attractive destination for investors. In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal editorial, the Indian PM indicated that bilateral trade between the two countries was poised for a "multifold increase". 

Before his meeting with Trump, Modi will meet Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as India eyes the purchase of more military equipment from the US.

Live updates


2017-06-26 21:21:00



2017-06-26 21:22:00




2017-06-26 21:27:00

PM Modi and President Trump will meet at the Oval Office for 20-minutes between 3.50 pm and 4.10 pm EST, tentatively 1.20 am and 1.40 am IST

They will subsequently hold delegation-level talks for an hour between from 4.10 pm and 5.10pm EST (1.40 am and 2.40 am IST)

2017-06-26 21:31:00




2017-06-26 22:45:00

2017-06-26 22:56:00

There was a general discussion on global situation, situation in Asia and Indo-Pacific region and elsewhere. In discussion with US Secretary of State Tillerson, PM Modi conveyed that the fulcrum of India's foreign policy is to have good relations with all countries, particularly with our neighbours: External Affairs spokesperson Gopal Baglay

2017-06-26 23:01:00

There was strong focus on terrorism and co-operation in counter-terrorism. It was very clear that given the challenges the two countries have faced and continue to face, in the discussions the two sides touched upon the broad direction in which they can develop this cooperation: Ministry of External Affairs after Tillerson-Modi meeting

2017-06-26 23:07:00

Secretary Mattis began by referring PM Modi's Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he writes about expanding partnership and taking it on an upward trajectory, Discussion on situation in Indo-Pacific, Asia Pacific. There was discussion on the situation in Afghanistan and what the two countries can do together. Both countries decided to remain in touch, co-operate and focus on the security situation in Afghanistan and on rebuilding Afghanistan: MEA

2017-06-26 23:09:00

New administration conveyed strong desire to build upon the progress achieved so far, specifically in strategic areas of counter-terrorism, defence co-operation, co-operation in the Indian Ocean region and science and technology: Ministry of External Affairs

2017-06-26 23:16:00

Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin's designation as global terrorist vindicates India's position that cross border terrorism behind disturbances in Kashmir: MEA
It also underlines the fact that both India and US face threat of terrorism and are working together to counter this threat: MEA

2017-06-26 23:16:00

Hizbul chief Syed Salahuddin designated global terrorist by US Department of State ahead of Modi-Trump meet
Notification has just come, we will look at that, will see what specific provisions are: MEA on S Salahuddin designated as Global Terrorist

2017-06-26 23:20:00

Op-ed pieces by leaders are not research articles, they are perspectives. There was no discussion on the Op-ed. Secretary Mattis began by refering to a particular part in the Op-ed that mentions 'seizing the moment' and no need for any hesitation in seizing the moment

2017-06-26 23:24:00

Melania Trump to join Donald Trump in welcoming PM Modi at the White House

2017-06-26 23:46:00

President Trump and US first lady Melania will receive PM Modi at the South Portico of the White House. The two leaders will spend four hours together which includes a discussion with their delegations in the Cabinet Room, a cocktail reception hosted by Vice-President Mike Pence followed by dinner at the White House


2017-06-27 01:08:00



2017-06-27 01:10:00

President Trump and US first lady Melania arrive at the South Portico of White House to receive PM Modi

2017-06-27 01:11:00

PM Modi's limousine arrives at the White House. President Donald Trump shakes Modi's hand and greets him

2017-06-27 01:12:00

Donald Trump and Melania usher PM Modi inside White House

Show of bonhomie as Trump and PM Modi exchange pleasantries

Melania Trump posts a tweet, welcoming PM Modi 




2017-06-27 01:13:00

PM Modi's one-on-one meet with President Trump to start shortly at Oval Office

2017-06-27 01:17:00



2017-06-27 01:21:00

This President Trump's first working dinner with a foreign dignitary at the White House after assuming office. The meeting is scheduled to last for about 20 minutes followed by delegation-level talks in the neighbouring Cabinet Room

2017-06-27 01:23:00

Am extremely grateful for the welcome: PM Modi

Have a lot to speak after the meeting: PM Modi




2017-06-27 01:28:00

This is a welcome not just for me but for 125 crore Indians: PM Modi

2017-06-27 01:30:00

President Trump, PM Modi exchange pleasantries in the White House Oval Office

2017-06-27 01:33:00

PM Modi, President Trump discuss key issues at the White House

2017-06-27 01:34:00




2017-06-27 01:37:00





2017-06-27 01:38:00

Its a great honour to have PM Modi here who has been such a great PM: President Donald Trump

2017-06-27 01:51:00

You have done a great job, economically and you are doing well in so many ways, I would like to congratulate you: President Trump to PM Modi




2017-06-27 01:57:00


US President Donald Trump (C) and first lady Melania Trump meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington (Reuters)



2017-06-27 02:01:00

Modi addresses Trump in Hindi, says US has great role to play in world affairs

You're the oldest democracy, we're the biggest: PM Modi to President Trump

President Trump thanks India for ordering military equipment from the US


2017-06-27 02:08:00

Thank you for ordering equipment from US; no one makes military equipment like the US: President Trump during delegation level talks with PM Modi




2017-06-27 02:26:00

Press statement expected shortly at the White House Rose Garden

2017-06-27 02:46:00

We agreed on most things and I would say by the end of the day we’ll agree on everything: President Trump

2017-06-27 02:55:00




2017-06-27 03:04:00

President Trump, PM Modi hold a joint press conference after delegation-level talks

Proud to announce to the media and Indian people that PM Modi and I are leaders on social media, we are believers: President Trump

I salute you PM Modi and the Indian people for your accomplishments: President Trump

India is the fastest growing economy in the world: President Trump




2017-06-27 03:08:00

I look forward to working with you Mr PM for creating jobs for our countries: President Trump

PM Modi has invited my daughter Ivanka to lead delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India, and I believe she has accepted: President Trump

Both countries are affected by terror, and we resolve that will destroy radical Islamic terror: President Trump

During my campaign I pledged that if elected, India will have true friend in White House and that's now exactly what you have, a true friend: President Trump

Pleased to learn about an Indian airline's recent order of 100 new American planes, which will support thousands of American jobs: President Trump



2017-06-27 03:14:00

India and US are both global engines of growth: PM Modi

PM Modi invites President Trump, daughter Ivanka to visit India


2017-06-27 03:15:00

Our talks are a significant moment in the cooperation between our nations. They have been very important talks: PM Modi

2017-06-27 03:17:00

During our meeting, we discussed the challenges posed by terrorism: PM Modi

We will increase exchange of information regarding co-operation in countering terrorism: PM Modi

Destroying terrorists and safe havens will be our aim: PM Modi

We will hold close consultations and co-ordination with the US for rebuilding Afghanistan: PM Modi



2017-06-27 03:20:00

We have decided to increase maritime co-operation: PM Modi

We have discussed issues of mutual interest during our meeting: PM Modi

Trade, commerce and investment are important areas. Technology, innovation and knowledge economy are also areas we are looking at: PM Modi

2017-06-27 03:34:00

Looking forward to exporting more US energy to India as your economy grows, including a major long term contract to purchase natural gas: President Trump said earlier

2017-06-27 03:38:00


PM Modi and President Trump exchange a hug during their joint address to the media at the White House Rose Garden on June 26. (Reuters)



2017-06-27 03:44:00

In just two weeks you will begin to implement largest tax overhaul in your country's history, we are doing that also by the way: President Trump said earlier

2017-06-27 03:45:00


US President Trump greets Indian PM Modi during joint news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. (Reuters)



2017-06-27 04:10:00

Watch: PM Modi and President Trump's complete joint statement 



2017-06-27 05:02:00

US Vice President Mike Pence hosts PM Modi, US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania for dinner at the White House State Floor

2017-06-27 05:05:00


PM Modi dines with President Trump and first lady Melania at the State Floor, the venue for formal receptions at the White House. (Reuters)



2017-06-27 05:07:00

We have had tremendous meetings today, tremendous success. We enjoy a wonderful relationship but it's never been better than it is today. Again, anytime you like we would like to have you back as soon as possible, thank you so much for being here: President Trump to PM Modi at White House dinner

2017-06-27 05:58:00

PM Modi wraps up first meeting with Trump at White House

2017-06-27 06:17:00


President Trump and Melania bid farewell to PM Modi as he drove away from the White House. (Reuters)



2017-06-27 07:14:00

Prime Minister Narendrara Modi wraps up US visit, leaves for The Netherlands for the last leg of his three-nation tour



2017-06-27 14:34:00

PM Modi arrives in The Netherlands for last leg of this three-nation tour



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