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Let's see how British democracy works after Brexit, says Putin

They also have to provide security services with access to this data and any necessary encryption mechanisms necessary to use it. Photograph: (Getty)

Reuters Moscow, Russia Jun 30, 2016, 03.01 PM (IST)
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the market turbulence caused by Britain's vote to leave the European Union will subside in the medium term, but it remains to be seen if Britain will uphold its democratic principles. 

Addressing his biannual meeting with Russian ambassadors abroad and special envoys, Putin said Russia had not influenced the British referendum.

"I would like to stress yet again that the so-called Brexit is the choice of the British people, we did not interfere with this process and are not tampering with it in anyway," he said.

"Now let's see how they will implement the principles of democracy," Putin said. "The referendum results have rocked the markets, but in the medium term everything will recover." 

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