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Islamic State suicide bombers target Shia processions in Baghdad, at least 10 killed

A boy stands at the site of a suicide bomb attack in the Amil district of southern Baghdad, Iraq October 3, 2016. Photograph: (Reuters)

Baghdhad Oct 03, 2016, 04.30 PM (IST)

At least 10 people were killed today and about 30 were wounded in Iraqi capital in a suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State  (IS) on two Shi'ite majority areas, international news agency AFP reported. 


Reuters, however, put the death toll at 11. 


While one of the attacks was reported in  the Amil neighbourhood of southern Baghdad, where at least six people were killed,  the other attack was reported in the eastern Mashtal district, according to Reuters. 


In the second attack, the  bomber detonated explosives near a garage for taxis and buses and a tent providing refreshments to passersby as part of a Shiite religious ritual, reported AFP. 


IS later claimed the attack in a statement, saying it targetted the Shi'ite events commemorating the slaying of Prophet Mohammad's grandson Hussein, according to Reuters.



(WION with inputs from agencies) 

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