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Indian gets life for killing pregnant girlfriend in New Zealand

The judge said the fact that Kaur was 7 to 10 weeks pregnant exacerbated the crime and made her death even more painful for her family. Photograph: (Getty)

AFP Wellington, New Zealand Oct 04, 2016, 03.11 AM (IST)


An Indian student was sentenced to life imprisonment by a New Zealand High Court for murdering his pregnant girlfriend on Tuesday. 

The man, Akash stabbed his girlfriend Gurpreet 29 times after she told him the baby was not his and that she was leaving him. She was 7 to 10 weeks pregnant when she was murdered. 

Auckland High Court judge Matthew Palmer pronounced the verdict that Akash displayed "cruelty, brutality and callousness" in murdering 22-year-old Gurpreet Kaur. 

Akash was sentenced a minimum 17 years in prison. The Court said Akash was high on methamphetamine and after stabbing her he dumped her body in roadside bushes. 

He had pleaded not guilty at first and had said that Gurpreet had inflicted the wounds on herself. Four months after his arrest, Akash admitted to the crime. 

While giving the verdict Palmer said "Not only did you murder Gurpreet Kaur and deprive her family of her existence, but you deprived her and her family of the potential of another life."

(WION with inputs from AFP)


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