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Germany: Gunman opens fire at train station in Munich, several injured

A gunman opened fire on policemen near Unterf?hring train station. Photograph: (Agencies)

WION Web Team Munich, Germany Jun 13, 2017, 07.57 AM (IST)

Several people were wounded after a gunman opened fire on policemen at a train station in Unterföhring, a northeastern suburb of Bavaria in Munich, Germany.

"Several people were injured by shots. A female police officer was badly wounded," Munich police tweeted.

A Munich police spokesman, Marcus da Gloria Martins, later told reporters there was no indication of a "political or religious" motive behind the incident.

"The sole male perpetrator was motivated by personal reasons," he said.

Martins said that the unidentified man had tried to push at least one police officer in front of an incoming train, leading to a scuffle during which he took the female officer's gun and fired.

"The police officer was shot in the head and critically injured," Martins said.

German police said they had secured the area and Bavarian public radio, citing police, said it was probably not a terrorist attack, Reuters reported.

German police have ruled out any political or religious motive in the shooting, saying the attacker acted out of "personal" reasons. 

"The sole male perpetrator was motivated by personal reasons. There is no political or religious background here," police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins told reporters.

"There is no danger to the public," said a spokeswoman for the police.

Bavarian radio reported: "According to police information it is probably not a terrorist attack".

Authorities reported that the handgun opened fire during a police operation at the S-Bahn station.




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