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Germany convenes emergency security meeting after Munich shootings

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday said she was mourning those killed in the shooting attack in Munich, vowing that the security services would do everything to ensure public safety Photograph: (Getty)

Reuters Berlin Jul 24, 2016, 01.38 AM (IST)
Germany held an emergency security cabinet meeting on Saturday in Berlin in wake of the deadly shootings which took place in Munich on Friday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, vice chancellor and minister of economy and energy Sigmar Gabriel and foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier were amongst many officials that attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Germany’s interior minister Thomas de Maiziere and other national security members released general information about the investigation process for the shooting.

Merkel delivered a brief speech at the press briefing afterward.

"We are all - and I'm saying this on behalf of the whole federal government - mourning with a heavy heart for those who will never return to their families," Merkel said.

She said that Germany and the people who reside in Munich all had a terrifying experience on Friday night. She spoke on behalf of the federal government and expressed sympathy to the bereaved families of the nine victims. She also sent her regards to the injured civilians, wishing them to get well soon.

Merkel said the German government and the National Security Defense Organization will continue to do whatever is necessary to guard the safety and freedom of everyone in Germany.

Merkel stressed that they will thoroughly investigate the motives of the gunmen in the Munich shooting.

Two attacks occurred in less than 10 days, which brought fear, shock and anxiety to the German public. Two polls in July showed more than 70 per cent of Germans do not feel secure and over 50 per cent of Germans think the polices would not effectively protect them, which may bring a serious challenge to the government in coping with the recent events.

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