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Explosion in Budapest city centre causes multiple injuries

?The police immediately rushed to the site of the blast and cordoned off the area. (Representative image) Photograph: (AFP)

WION Budapest, Hungary Sep 25, 2016, 01.32 AM (IST)
A shop in central Budapest was hit by an explosion late on Saturday night, causing multiple injuries, according to media reports. 
A terror alert has been sounded in the area following the explosion in Oktogon intersection in the Pest section of the city, the Mirror reported. 

The police immediately rushed to the site of the blast and cordoned off the area.  At least two policemen were also injured in the blast, an official statement said adding that the cause of the blast is not yet known.  

According to Reuters, local media initially suggested a gas explosion, however, eyewitnesses were doubtful.  The surrounding area near has been partly evacuated after the incident. 

Olivia Sehildt, a Polish tourists who was near the site of the blast, told Reuters: "I am here on holiday and I was here in the hostel across the corner (when the incident happened). I was getting ready for a party and suddenly I heard a big boom and from the window something fell into my room and our windows did not break, but then I was looking out the window and I saw a lot of cars coming, police, firemen, and a lot of people coming to street and other people from the hostel came out of the rooms and the windows were broken and nobody knew what happened."

Several social media users also took to Twitter to report the incident. 
(With inputs from Reuters)
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