Dutch police put an end to 'yellow vest' protest in The Hague

'Yellow vest' protestors gather near The Hague's parliamentary complex 'Binnenhof'. Photograph:( Reuters )

Reuters The Hague, Netherlands Dec 02, 2018, 11.10 PM (IST)

Protesters inspired by France's 'yellow vest' anti-tax movement gathered near the Dutch parliament in The Hague before being removed by police, media in the Netherlands reported on Saturday (December 1).

Dutch public broadcaster NOS said that the demonstration had not been allowed by local authorities and that two protesters had been arrested shortly after the gathering started.

An administrator for the newly created Facebook group 'Gele Hesjes NL' (Yellow Vests Netherlands) -- already counting more than 4,000 members -- announced on Sunday (December 2) after the demonstration that further protests would be organised in the coming days.

Dutch private broadcaster RTL Nieuws said 50 people had gathered in the southern town of Maastricht, where the protest leader was arrested. NOS said other protests had taken place on Saturday in the cities of Nijmegen and Groningen.