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Denmark to purchase Panama Papers data to nab tax evaders

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Copenhagen, Denmark Sep 08, 2016, 01.29 AM (IST)

Denmark will purchase Panama Papers data to crack down on tax evaders.

The Danish government will receive information on as many as 600 Danish citizens.

Panama Papers are a cache of 11.5 million documents that were taken from the database of Mossack Fonseca, the world's fourth-largest offshore law firm. The papers uncovered how the rich and the influential were using offshore tax havens to their advantage. 

"We must use the necessary measures to catch the tax evaders hiding fortunes in for example Panama with the aim to avoid paying tax in Denmark," Minister for Taxation Karsten Lauritzen said in a statement, AFP reported.

"We cannot be sure of the end result, but everything suggests that it is useful information that the Danish tax authority will now pursue."

The government is estimated to pay 9 million Danish kroner (roughly $1.33 million) to the anonymous source who made it available to the government. 

Denmark becomes the first country in the world to purchase leaked Panama Papers data.

The purchase, however, has been dubbed by some quarters as being illegal. 

Since the papers were obtained legally, the Danish government was "in one way or the other contributing to illegalities", said Torben Bagge, a tax law teacher at Aarhus University. 

(WION with inputs from agencies)

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