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Arab states send Qatar 13 demands to end crisis, official says

Buildings are seen on a coast line in Doha, Qatar, June 15, 2017. Photograph: (Reuters)

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Jun 23, 2017, 08.24 AM (IST)

Four Arab states currently boycotting Qatar for allegedly supporting terorrism have sent the country a lot of 13 demands, according to one of the countres' officials who spoke to Reuters.

The boycott, launched on June 5, entails each of the countries cutting economic, diplomatic and travel ties with Doha The four nations who made the list of demands include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahain. 


The list of demands

Reuters reports that the four nations demand that Qatar:

Close the TV station Al Jazeera. 

Reduce their ties with Iran.

Close a Turkish military base in Qatar. 

Declare that it is cutting off ties with terrorist, sectarian and ideological organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Jabhat Fateh al Sham. 

Must also surrender anybody designated as a terorrist on its territory.

Must stop interfering in the four countries' domestic and foreign affairs 

Stop giving Qatari nationality to citizens of the four countries

Pay reparations to these countries for any damage or costs incurred over the past few years because of Qatari policies, he added

More, if Qatar does agree to meet this list of demands, the four countries will monitor compliance with monthly reports in the first year, then three-month reports in the following year, then annual reports in the next decade, said an official to Reuters without offering further clarification.


Qatar's response

Qatar has denied that they are guilty of what the four Arab nations accuse them of: Funding terorrism, creating regional instability  and warming up to revolutionary theocracy Iran.

Earlier this week the foreign minister said Qatar would not negotiate with the four states unless they first lifted their measures. Reuters was not able to reach him for comment. 


What if Qatar says no?

The countries give Doha 10 days to comply, failing which the list becomes "void", the official said without elaborating. This suggests that the offer to end the dispute in return for meeting the thirteen demands may no longer be on the table.


How are others responding?

Donald Trump has called Qatar a "high level sponsor of terrorism", but also offered to mediate to help these parties resolve their differences. Days after Trump plainly said Qatar sponsors terrorism, the US sold them $12 billion in weapons.

The US accuses Qatar of supporting terrorism and then turns around and sells F-15 fighters, and continues to use the Al Udeid Air Base. Clearly politics is all very well but nothing can halt the business of America. WION brings you this report (WION)


Turkey has so far taken Qatar's side. It has launched ships carrying aid in the form of food to Qatar, and yesterday sent a small a small group soldiers and even armoured vehicles. Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan met with Saudi Arabia's leaders in an effort to calm the regional tension. 

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