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After vowing to keep its citizens out, Trump to travel to Mexico

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto has in the past also likened Trump to Hitler and Mussolini for some of the positions the presidential candidate has taken.? Photograph: (Getty)

WION Washington, DC, United States Aug 31, 2016, 02.19 PM (IST)
After months of throwing abuse at Mexicans living in the United States — he has called them rapists, criminals, and drug dealers — the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced he will be going to Mexico on Wednesday. 

The invitation came from the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto. 

Trump tweeted: "I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow." 
Nieto tweeted back in Spanish that Trump "has accepted the invitation and will meet privately tomorrow with the president."
The invite to Trump was also extended to his rival in the upcoming US election, the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. There has been no word yet on whether Clinton will accept. 

Trump is reviled in Mexico, which is not surprising considering the heckling he has directed at them. Apart from his descriptions of them, he has also promised to build a giant wall on the southern US border to separate them (the Mexicans) from him and his constituency. 

And that he would "make the Mexicans pay for the wall". 

Even Pena Nieto had reacted to that, saying back in July "there is no way that Mexico could pay for a wall like that." 

Nieto has in the past also likened Trump to Hitler and Mussolini for some of the positions the presidential candidate has taken. 

Why then would Trump go to the country, even if he should have been invited?

Says The New York Times: "The trip is the latest gamble for Mr. Trump and his struggling campaign. But for all the risk it poses, it offers an image Mr Trump relishes: of a wily negotiator willing to do the unexpected — meeting with a perceived enemy — to advance his agenda."

It adds that this will be Trump's first meeting with a head of state as the Republican presidential nominee. 
Why Nieto might have invited him is harder to guess at. 

Mr Trump's sojourn in Mexico will be short. After his meeting with Nieto at the Presidential Palace, he will be flying back to Phoneix, Arizona where he will be giving a speech in which he is expected to clarify his position on immigration. 

Earlier in his campaign, Mr Trump had called for a "deportation force" to evict every single undocumented immigrant — there are 11 million of them in the US — from the country; more recently he has talked of deporting those with criminal records.  

Commentators however continue to say his stand on immigration is frustratingly vague.  

(WION, with inputs from agencies)
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