Over 360,000 people have been killed in Syria in last seven years: Monitor

The Observatory recorded the deaths of 64,000 hardline Islamists and jihadists, including from the Islamic State group Read Article

Blog: Bollywood trumps security hurdles in Syria

Syrians are pretty much aware of Bollywood. Bollywood has done much good for Indians abroad. Being Indian in Syria is not a bad thing. Read Article

Syria blog: Road to Aleppo

Entering Aleppo was a surprise. The city had a rhythm. People were out for the daily chore. Even Damascus had a rhythm but finding one in Aleppo was a sweet surprise. Read Article

Syria blog: Who needs permission to speak to a brown-eyed girl?

There are places in the world where you need permission to speak to a woman about the movies. It reminded me of conversations with people back home who are fascinated by the idea of limited democracy… Read Article

Blog: A glimpse of beautiful side of war-torn Syria

Damascus is a beautiful city. It is full of young and charming men and women. It is sunny in the afternoon but chilly in the evening. The bohemian crowd of the city remains uninfected with Saudi… Read Article

Watch: Russia releases video of air strikes on Syria's Idlib province

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had said that at least nine civilians Read Article

Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence, with up to 5 years of imprisonment

Saudi Arabia will punish online satire that “disrupts public order” with up to five years in prison, the public prosecutor said Tuesday, as the kingdom cracks down on dissent Read Article

US warns Syria's Assad against using chemical weapons

Syrian troops are massing near the city of Idlib, the last rebel-held stronghold in the country. A violence monitor meanwhile renewed Russian airstrikes killed at least nine civilians, according to Read Article

Lewinsky walks out of TV interview over 'off limits' question on Bill Clinton

After the scandal, Lewinsky had disappeared from public view fighting her own private battles Read Article

In new audio recording, IS chief Baghdadi urges followers to use knives, cars to carry out attacks

Last year Russia had said that it had hit Abu Bakr in an airstrike near Raqa leading to his death Read Article

Opinion: Yemen war challenges Saudi moral authority

An attack this week on a bus in the heartland of Iranian-backed Houthi rebels that killed at least 43 people, including 29 children returning from a summer camp, dealt a significant body blow to… Read Article

In face of US sanctions, Iran Supreme Leader says nothing to be concerned about

'With regard to our situation do not be worried at all. Nobody can do anything,' Khamenei's website — Khamenei.ir — quoted him as saying. Read Article

US threats, sanctions and PR stunts won't work: Iran

President Hassan Rouhani sacked the central bank chief last week, and his replacement, Abdolnassar Hemati, has promised new currency policies "in the coming days". Read Article

US president Donald Trump seeks to revive ‘Arab Nato’ with six Gulf states to confront Iran

Sources from some of the Arab countries involved also said they were aware of renewed efforts to activate the plan. Read Article

Israel tells Russia to encourage Iran to quit Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed the message in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the official said. Read Article