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Indian paracyclist forced to remove prosthetic limb at Bengaluru airport

Mehta said despite writing to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation?(DGCA) asking for full-body scanners for disabled people be set up, no action has been taken so far. Photograph: (AFP)

New Delhi, India Oct 13, 2016, 10.16 AM (IST)

Two months after he went through a similar ordeal, Indian paracyclist Aditya Mehta  faced humiliation again when he was left bleeding after being forced to remove his prosthetic limb as a part of a security check at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in southern Indian city of Bengaluru, Indian news agency PTI reported. 


Aditya was forced to remove his prosthetic limb on Monday and while hurriedly wearing it back to catch the flight he ended up hurting himself,  according to the report. 


"They forced me to remove my limb. It took 45 minutes to wear it back. While I was wearing it inside the room, the officials asked me to come out quickly as the take-off time was nearing. In that tension, I started to push my stump very hard, and when I removed the limb in my house, I found I was bleeding," Mehta told the news agency on phone from Hyderabad.


He added saying that he was carrying an injury for the last 20 days and it would be difficult for him to remove the prosthetic limb and wear it again. 


Mehta has also been quoted as saying in the report that he was asked by the Central Industrial Security Force official Thakur Das to get inside a room and remove his prosthetic limb. "At the airport, the same person (Thakur Das), with whom I had an issue at the airport, was there and he asked me to get into a room and remove the limb," he said.


Mehta, however, pleaded with the official that if he removed his artificial limb it would take at least 45 minutes to wear it back and the flight is about to take-off in next 30 minutes.


"But the officer told me 'No, if it is an injury, it is your problem. We have to take care of security and you should allow us to do our duty'," Mehta said. 


Mehta has faced similar humiliation during security checks at the airports in Delhi and Bengaluru, PTI reported. 



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