Won't mind joining hands with BSP to keep BJP out in Uttar Pradesh: Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav

Chief minister of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and the son of Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, waves at his supporters during an election campaign in Lucknow, India. Photograph:( Reuters )

WION New Delhi Mar 09, 2017, 02.29 PM (IST)

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav speaking to BBC Hindi radio said that if the Samajwadi Party(SP)-Congress fall short of a majority, then his party won't mind joining hands with Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) to keep the BJP out in Uttar Pradesh.

Most exit polls in various media channels in India say the BJP is set to make big gains in Uttar Pradesh and will form the government.

TimesNow-VMR has put BJP on top with 190-210 seats well above the half-way mark required to form the government except the India TV-CVoter and ABP surveys which predict Samajwadi Party and BJP engaged in a close fight, other surveys indicate a victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh.

However, it seems BSP chief minister Mayawati could end up as the 'kingmaker' if both SP-Congress and BJP fail to get a simple majority. 

Exit Polls: 

Uttar Pradesh (403 seats)

TimesNow-VMR | SP+Congress (110-130), BJP (190-210), BSP (57-74)

India Today | SP+Congress (120), BJP (185), BSP (90), Others (9)

CNN-IBN | SP+Congress (120), BJP (185), BSP (90), Others (9)

ABP | SP+Congress (156-169), BJP (164-176), BSP (60-72), Others (2-6)

India TV-CVoter | SP+Congress (135-147), BJP (155-167), BSP (81-93)

NewsX-MRC | SP+Congress (120), BJP (185), BSP (90), Others (8)

In Punjab, India Today-Axis My India survey puts Congress ahead of AAP although India TV-CVoter has predicted 59-67 seats for Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Admi Party. All surveys point towards a heavy defeat for the BJP-Akali Dal alliance with Aaj Tak-Cicero survey declaring it would win just 4-7 seats.

Punjab (117 seats)

Aaj Tak-Cicero | Congress (62-71), BJP+Akali Dal (4-7), AAP (42-51), Others 0-2

India Today-Axis My India | Congress (62-71), BJP + Akali Dal (4-7), AAP (42-51), Others (0-2)

News24 | Congress (54+), BJP + Akali Dal (9-15), AAP (54+), Others ()

India TV-CVoter | Congress (41-49), BJP+Akali Dal (5-13), AAP (59-67)

In Manipur(60 seats), India Today-Axis My India and India TV-CVoter predicts Congress and BJP engaged in a neck-to-neck battle with the Independents probably calling the shots during government formation.    

Manipur (60 seats)
India Today-Axis My India | Congress (17-23), BJP (25-31), Others (9-15)
India TV-CVoter | Congress (17-23), BJP (25-31), AAP (7), Others (9-15)

Goa's 40-member House will see a close fight between the Congress and BJP with AAP also winning a few seats, according to the India Today-Axis My India and India TV-CVoter survey.

Goa (40 seats)
India Today-Axis My India | Congress (10), BJP (15), AAP (7), Others (8)
India TV-CVoter | Congress (12-18), BJP (15-21), AAP (0-4), Others (2-8)

Uttarakhand could see the BJP coming out on top with most surveys predicting Congress to come a distant second.

Uttarakhand (71 seats)
India Today-Axis My India | Congress (12-21), BJP (46-53), BSP (1-2), Others (1-4)
News24 |Congress (15+), BJP (53), BSP (), Others ()
NDTV | Congress (21), BJP (45)
NewsX-MRC | BJP (38), Congress (30), Others (2)