What surgical strike is

The Indian Army recently conducted a surgical strike in Myanmar where they killed 38 Naga rebels Photograph:( Getty )

New Delhi, Delhi, India Sep 29, 2016, 11.19 AM (IST)

A surgical strike is a type of military action conducted to damage a specific target.

The word surgical strike comes from ‘surgery’ in medicine where the doctor precisely cuts into the affected area and removes the infected part.

In a surgical strike, defence forces use precision-guided munitions to exterminate intended military targets and cause least harm to surrounding infrastructure and people. Countries deploy this method of warfare to avoid a full-blown war or a direct attack.

Surgical strike as a method of warfare undermines the sovereignty of the attacked nation. Nations have time and again used the argument of self-defence to enter the territory of another country in pursuit of a terrorist, terrorist organisation, criminals, non-state actors or any element that threatens the security of the attacking country.

Examples of surgical strike: In 2011, the US Navy Seal entered Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden at Abbottabad, roughly 110 km from Islamabad. Recently, Indian troops crossed the Myanmar border in pursuit of militants believed to have attacked Indian Army's Assam Rifles convoy in Manipur.