WATCH: Shiv Sena MP beats 60-year-old Air India staffer

'Let it become (a murder case),' Gaikwad had said. 'I have many cases against me.'? Photograph:( ANI )

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Mar 24, 2017, 12.35 PM (IST)

Video footage has surfaced of Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad's attack on an Air India staffer. 

"I hit him 25 times," Gaikwad had said Thursday.

"I hit him with my sandal," he had said. (Watch video below.)

The Air India staff member -- Sukumar Raman -- is 60 years old. 

"God save our country if this is the culture of our politicans and MPs," Raman had written in his complaint. (One can't help but agree with him.) 

Raman had been trying to get Gaikwad to deplane. 


Gaikwad was refusing to do so because he had not been seated in the business section of the Pune to Delhi flight.

How he could have been seated in the business section is impossible to understand -- it was an all-economy flight!

Which is what Sukumar had presumably been trying to explain to him.

The airline say it had warned the MP in advance that it was an all-economy flight.

And to make him feel special, it had seated him in the first row.

But none of it was good enough for Gaikwad. (Watch video below.)

"Don't don't don't do that," an air hostess can be heard screaming at Gaikwad, as other people try and restrain Gaikwad.

"Bade badtameez log hain," a person can be heard saying. He is presumably talking about Gaikwad.  

Another person is heard using a cuss word, sotto voce, against Gaikwad. 

Later, the air hostess -- really, the one person who reaffirms our faith in being Indian -- is seen talking to Gaikwad.

"You're a role model no?" she says to him.

"This will become a murder case (if you continue beating him)," she says.

"Let it become one," says Gaikwad. "I have many cases against me." 

He has so far refused to apologise for his abominable behaviour.