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UP school segregates students to prevent ?love jihad?

The school has also banned all non-vegetarian food and told its students to get ?Yogi haircuts?. Photograph: (Twitter)

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Apr 28, 2017, 07.58 AM (IST)

A school in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has come up with a bizarre set of orders for its students.

The CBSE affiliated-school has segregated its students -- to "prevent love jihad", banned non-vegetarian food, and ordered its students to get "Yogi haircuts", the Times of India reported Friday.

On Thursday, the TOI report said, some students of Rishabh Academy School were not allowed to enter their school because they did not have the haircuts.


Ranjeet Jain, secretary of the school's management  committee, said boys and girls were made to sit in different classrooms “for the safety of girls and to prevent love jihad”.

“Muslim boys take on names similar to Hindus, befriend girls, tie 'kalavas' on their wrists and try to woo girls. I cannot tolerate this in school premises. Moreover, these days nobody likes if a boy from one community touches a girl from another community," Jain was quoted as saying by TOI.

The school’s management claimed that since the school was run by a Jain trust, students are not allowed to bring non-vegetarian food, including eggs, in their tiffins. 

Along with the "Yogi haircuts", students have also been told not to keep beards because the school is not “a place where they come to offer namaz".

"I asked the students to get Yogi-like haircuts when they were unable to understand what we wanted. We basically want very short haircuts, of the kind the Army gives. Also, the students have been told strictly to not keep beards as this is not a madrassa or a place where they come to offer namaz," Jain said. 


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