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India: Fighting cancer, girl scored 81% in 10th Boards exam

Her parents, Digvijay Bharati and Rupa Devi, have put millions of rupees in her treatment and now, they have nothing left with them. Photograph: (ANI)

ANI Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Jun 11, 2017, 05.28 AM (IST)

If there is courage and determination, we can overcome the biggest obstacle--that's the lesson learned from these two young Indian women.

Though Supriya fights a disease that makes people tremble and lose confidence, she managed to score 81 per cent in the 10th Boards exam. Not only has she made her parents proud, but also has given thousands of people a message who get disappointed with life because of any difficulty - despite suffering from blood cancer.

Supriya has been suffering from blood cancer for the past three years and her parents, Digvijay Bharati and Rupa Devi, who lived near Jatpur Kali temple, have put millions of rupees in her treatment and now, they have nothing left with them.

Supriya learned to live her life and decided to become an inspiration for others. She continued to study hard and achieved what she deserved - though, she was disappointed that she could not fulfill her father's dream of her being a topper.

Her parents are also to be congratulated, as they kept her motivated to defeat this disease.


Another inspiration

Meanwhile, another wonder was seen in Muzaffarnagar, where a girl secured second place in the district in 12th Boards exam by memorising and writing on the walls and doors of her house with stones, because it's all her family could afford. Meenakshi Sharma studied under the street lights as there was no electricity as well.

Her father used to earn and raise the family through providing a rickshaw service, but he died of an illent that went untreated. After the death of her father, the family lost all hopes.

"I was happy to secure 90.8 per cent, but I missed my father. When my two English papers were left, my father expired. Despite my family's financial hardship, my mother supported me and never let me feel that we were financially unstable," Meenakshi said.

She added she wants to become a Professor in Chemistry as it is her favourite subject and she scored the maximum marks in it.

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