Farmer discovers rare ancient artefacts in India's Uttar Pradesh

The Indus Valley Civilisation was a Bronze Age civilisation mainly in the northwestern regions of the South Asia. Photograph:( Getty )

Reuters Uttar Pradesh, India Jul 28, 2016, 02.07 AM (IST)
A farmer in India's northern Uttar Pradesh province hit upon a cache of artefacts believed to be from the Indus Valley civilisation.

Hariraj Singh found the rare ancient artefacts while digging a trench in his farm in Bijnor district of the province. The find, several copper utensils, plates and ploughs are approximately 4,500 years old, the local media reports said.

Local administration and police rushed to the site and informed the Archaeological Survey of India, which took the artefacts for examination.

"After thorough digging in the area, 2-4 more utensils were found. The Archaeological Survey of India was informed, who sent a team from Agra, which came to the site after 2-3 days and took the artefacts for examination," said Bijnor district magistrate, B Chandrakala on Wednesday (July 27).

The news of artefacts discovery spread like a wildfire as villagers started digging the adjoining fields in search of gold coins.

The administration has deployed police in the area to keep treasure hunters at bay.

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