Abide by uniform civil code to become true Indian citizens: Shiv Sena tells Indian Muslims

A policeman looks on as Muslim Indian women walk past a condolence meeting following the series of terrorist attacks in Mumbai Photograph:( Getty )

Agencies Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Oct 14, 2016, 02.40 PM (IST)

Shiv Sena, a Hindu right-wing political party, today said that All India Muslim Personal Law Board's (AIMPLB) opposition to uniform civil code (UCC) is not in favour of the nation. 


"In the interest of the nation and in the interest of the Muslim community Indian civil code must be imposed in the country, only then the nation will agree that the Muslim people are true citizen of this country and they want to be included in the contrived decision and abide by the Constitution of India," Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut told Indian news agency ANI. 


The Muslim personal law board on Thursday announced its decision to boycott a Law Commission of India questionnaire that sought a public vote on whether uniform civil code (the proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India) should be imposed in the country. The questionnaire also sought a public opinion on triple talaq,  which according to Islamic law based on the Quran permits a husband to pronounce talaq three times to instantly divorce his wife. 


Raut further stressed that unless the Muslim community continues to follow the strict rules and regulation of other Islamic countries, people of India will continue to look upon them with suspicion, ANI reported. 


"To the government also, I want to say that their decision should not be based on the fact as to what will these Muslim organisation think regarding this. This is the issue of national interest. The government should take a decision on this," he was quoted as saying by the news agency. 


Last week, an affidavit was also filed in the Supreme Court by India's law ministry that said that triple talaq violates women's rights. 


Religious persecution will not be tolerated in India: India's interior minister 

As the Muslim community continues to accuse the Narendra Modi-led Indian government of violating their rights by trying to impose a uniform civil code, India's interior minister said today that 'religious persecution will never be allowed in the country'. 


Speaking at a meeting of Christian leaders organised by India Christian Council, interior minister Rajnath Singh described India as a 'university of tolerance', Indian news agency PTI reported. 


"Tolerance is essential for peaceful existence. People from all religions live peacefully in India and practise their religion without any fear of discrimination. That is why India is a university of tolerance," Singh was quoted as saying. 


"All important religions find place in India," he said and added that people from all religions get respect and it is the only country where all sects of Islam are found. 


He also referred to the incidents of attacks on churches in the national capital of Delhi ahead of assembly elections last year. 


"There were incidents of attacks on churches in Delhi which came up in the run-up to elections (to Delhi Assembly).  But I would like to say that religious persecution will never be allowed in India whether it is before or after the (upcoming) elections (in several Indian states including northern Uttar Pradesh and Punjab)." 


Targeting Pakistan he said: It is very unfortunate that some countries make terrorism a state policy. There can be differences between people that can be resolved through dialogue but not by taking up guns. 


"The nation (Pakistan) separated from it declared itself a theocratic state. That country uses terrorism as a state policy,"  PTI quoted him as saying. 


(WION with inputs from agencies) 

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