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UK school restricts use of Fitbit activity trackers

Illustration showing a Fitbit watch Photograph: (WION Web Team)

WION Web Team New Delhi 14 July 2017 Jul 14, 2017, 06.56 AM (IST)

A school in UK has planned to restrict the access of technology to safeguard its students physical and mental health. Stroud High School in England has prohibited the use of Fitbit activity trackers and smartphones for its students. 

An entire day ban will apply to 7-9 years old. The 10-11 age will be allowed to use it during the lunch time, whereas from sixth grade onwards the students will be restricted the access to phones only during the class hours. 

Restrictions were imposed after the school referred to a research that showed results on how social media can lead to a " decline in wellbeing" of youngsters.

The school conducted rigorous research on the consequences of mobile phones on young people. The results showed a link between the decline in the health conditions of teenagers and the excessive use of mobile phone and social media. 

Head teacher said that girls in the school were skipping their meals to balance their calorie consumption. 

The school wrote a letter to parents saying that "tight control" over the use of mobile phones and smart technology will be introduced in September. 

The headmaster added that the issue needs urgent recognition or else it will cause significant problems to the younger generation impacting their physical and mental health. He also acknowledged the importance of technology and said, " we must be confident that it is making our lives better."



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