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Twitter, Amazon, other top websites temporarily shut after US cyber attacks

Cyber attacks on Dynamic Network Services Inc (Dyn), disrupted access to dozens of websites on Friday, including Twitter and Netflix. Photograph: (Reuters)

Washington, United States Oct 22, 2016, 01.02 AM (IST)

Cyber attacks targeting a little-known internet infrastructure company, Dynamic Network Services Inc (Dyn), disrupted access to dozens of websites on Friday, rendering major companies including Twitter and Netflix inaccessible to millions of users in the United States and elsewhere.

Successive cyber attacks and service outages made it difficult to identify all the victims. But technology news site Gizmodo named some five dozen sites that were affected by the attack. 

Dyn, which routes and manages internet traffic, said it did not know who was responsible for the outages that began in the eastern United States, and later spread to other parts of the country and overseas. 

The company claimed to have resolved the matter within about two hours but was again responding to an attack, within no time. "Our engineers are continuing to investigate and mitigate several attacks aimed at the Dyn managed DNS infrastructure," the company said on its website.

It also commanded the attention of top US security agencies including the department of homeland security. "DHS and the FBI are aware and are investigating all potential causes" of the outages, a spokeswoman said.

Affected websites included Reddit, the crafts marketplace Etsy and the software developer site Github, according to media reports. Others reportedly affected include CNN, The Guardian, Wired, HBO and People as well as the money transfer service PayPal.

The incident underscored the inter-dependencies of large portions of the internet and their vulnerabilities, with multiple users affected by an attack on a single company. 

(WION with inputs agencies)

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