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One Plus 5 restricts users to make emergency call

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WION Web Team New Delhi Jul 19, 2017, 12.10 PM (IST)

According to a report in Forbes, the newly launched One Plus 5 reboots whenever an emergency call is made from it.

The phone reportedly rebooted whenever a 999 call was made in UK and a 911 call in US.

A Facebook user Nick Morrelli has uploaded a video showing how his phone rebooted after dialling 911.

The report said " Coming to light on Reddit's Android forum, the fault appears to be at the point of connection between the handset and the emergency services. This is the point where many smartphones will provide additional data (such as location)to the dispatch desk. There could be an issue with part of the code or it could be a completely separate issue."

Earlier reports stated issues with scrolling the screen, questions over benchmarking, and audio recording bugs. Reports also said that the phone had issues with the internet even after it was connected to the wifi. 

The company responded by saying "We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue."

The company has asked its users to contact them on their website,, in case they experience a similar problem. 


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