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GST impact: Apple cuts iPhone, iPad prices in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently told PM Modi that his company is positive about the production of the iPhone SE in Bengaluru. Photograph: (Reuters)

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Jul 01, 2017, 03.47 PM (IST)

Apple on Saturday reduced the retail prices of iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch models for Indian consumers, a fall-out of the Goods and Services Tax which came into effect the same day.

The base model (32GB) of Apple iPhone 7 Plus is now priced at Rs 67,300 as opposed to Rs 72,000 in the past. 

The Rs 60,000 Apple iPhone 7 (32GB variant) can now be purchased at Rs 56, 200. The Rs 70,000 iPhone 7 (128GB) is now priced at Rs 65,200 and the Rs 80,000 256GB variant is available at Rs 74,400. 

The 32GB model of iPhone SE (Rs 27,200), being assembled in Bengaluru, will now cost Rs 26,000. The 32GB iPhone 6s (Rs 50,000) is now available at Rs 46,900.

The new prices have taken the basic customs duty (BCD) of 10 per cent into account.

Apple has expanded into the Indian market recently.

PM Narendra Modi was told by Apple CEO Tim Cook on a recent visit to US that his company is positive about the production of Apple's popular iPhone SE model in Bengaluru.

Mobile phones, which fall in the 12 per cent slab, may get costlier by four to five per cent after the imposition of GST. Imported smart phones are likely to get cheaper and so Apple may benefit from the levying of GST.

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