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Australian customers first in the world to purchase iPhone 7 as sales begin today

In China only those who had ordered in advance were queuing to collect their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Photograph: (Getty)

WION Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Sep 16, 2016, 05.30 AM (IST)
Apple loyalists in Sydney became the first in the world to purchase the newly-launched iPhone 7 as sales for the new model begins today across 28 countries around the world, the biggest launch of the phone yet, as per UK-based, the Telegraph. 

About 200 people queued up outside the Apple store in the Australian city in light rain, according to international news agency Reuters.

A customer, however, was disappointed when he was not able to purchase the much sought-after, jet-black colour he wanted which had sold out to pre-orders. 

"We were sad.  I'm happy personally to get the matt black 7, like I'm cool with that but I'm still very sad that I'm not going to get a jet black of any phone. I thought Apple being Apple they would have some, they wouldn't sell out through pre-orders, they would have some aside for loyal fans like me that lineup," Marcus Barsoum told Reuters. 

In US, the iPhone model starts at $649.  The American tech giant had launched the smartphone, that features improved cameras, in San Francisco earlier this month. However, the traditional head jack has been removed in favour of the new technology.

The smartphone also hit the shelves in the Asian markets, including China and Japan.

Queues of customers could be seen outside stores in Hong and Beijing, Reuters said.  The activity at the Hong Kong store, however, was reportedly subdued. 

Crowds in front of Apple stores in downtown Tokyo were also smaller than in past years, according to reports. 

It is being speculated that success with the iPhone7 in China is crucial for Apple, though an economic slowdown has slammed the brakes on what was once touted as the firm's next big growth engine.

Some observers are also of the view that Samsung Galaxy Note 7's battery fiasco may end up benefitting Apple.   The Korean company has already announced that it would recall or replace 1 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in US in the wake of reports of battery fires. 

(WION with inputs from Reuters) 
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