Zombies take to streets of Hamburg ahead of G20

Hundreds of protesters covered in grey clay walked through the streets of Hamburg ahead of the G20 Summit

Art protest against G20

Hundreds of people dressed as zombies gathered in the streets of Hamburg, Germany on July 5 to make a statement about political participation ahead of the G20 Summit.

The performance was organised by the collective 1,000 Gestalten (1,000 Figures).

Zombies gather in Hamburg to protest the G20 summit

Organisers said the goal of the performance was to give people the motivation to get politically engaged.

We want to create an image because we believe in the power of images...we want to motivate people to take part. To free themselves from their crusted shells, to take part in the political process," one of the event organisers, Catalina Lopez told Reuters TV.

Activists covered themselves in grey clay

More than 100,000 anti-capitalist demonstrators, including several thousand left-wing extremists, are expected to descend on the streets ahead of the two-day summit which opens on Friday.

In the weeks leading up to the summit, police cars have been burned and train lines have been sabotaged.

Activists rip off their outer grey coverings

Once they assembled in a central square, the activists began to dance and shake off their grey clay coverings to reveal colourful clothing or their naked bodies.

Peaceful protest

The G20 summit will likely be dominated by North Korea's testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile which experts say could reach the US.