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Young female pilots who are ruling the skies... and Instagram!

Female pilots are flying through the glass ceiling of the aviation industry and slaying it on Instagram too

Pilot Eva Claire Marseille

Eva Claire Marseille is a Dutch pilot who is dedicated to her work and loves to travel. A motivational quote she posted on Instagram recently read: "Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly." Eva has over 61K Instagram followers and is no doubt inspiring many young women to follow in her footsteps.

Pilot Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is a young and glamorous India-based pilot who has over 55K Instagram followers. Her posts often feature her fiance--who's also a pilot and she also loves taking selfies from the gym after her workout.

Pilot Eser Aksan Erdogan

Eser Aksan Erdogan is a 31-year-old pilot for Turkish Airlines and is based in Istanbul. Traveling the world over, Eser takes and posts amazing photos on Instagram that have garnered her a following of over 76K.

Pilot Maria Pettersson

Instagram celebrity Maria Pettersson has 415K followers. The 32-year-old Swedish pilot has gained a massive internet following with her glamorous selfies from the flight deck. A pilot for the budget Irish airline Ryanair, she is also an ardent yogini and puts up several pictures of herself performing the various asanas.

Pilot Alejandra Manriquez

Alejandra Manriquez is a glamorous female pilot, who flies the private jets of celebrities and politicians. Her Instagram posts from the cockpit and her serene beauty have helped her get over 70K Instagram followers.

Pilot Lindy Kats

Lindy Kats is a 23-year-old Italy-based pilot who has over 65K Instagram followers. Apart from flying, Lindy likes to travel, learn new languages and paint portraits.

Pilot Maria Fagerstrom

Maria Fagerstrom is a pilot based in the Canary Islands, just off the African coast. Maria is 24 and knows the ins and outs of the planes she flies. Apart from posting photos from the cockpit, she also shares with her 285K Instagram followers the other passions of her life, such as kite surfing and practising yoga.