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Promises are made at BRICS, but what is the performance level of India, China and Russia?

From GDP and gender equality to Personal, Civil & Economic freedom to corruption and defence strength, check out where does India, China and Russia stand. Research: Saurabh Goenka; Visuals: Ishu Vaid

Gross Domestic Product

China's GDP is almost five times that of India. However, Russia stands much below India when their GDP is compared. Whereas, India ranks 7th in the world in terms of its GDP.

Defence strength

In terms of military personnel India has the largest strength, however, when we compare aircraft and combat tanks of the three countries, Russia comes out to be a clear winner.

Number of billionaires

The list of 101 Indian Billionaires includes 13 newcomers, while the Chinese list has 76 newcomers. Whereas, India has the fourth largest number of billionaires in the World, while China stands 2nd in the list.


As per the Corruption Perception Index 2016, India and China are equally corrupt. However, Russia was considered much more corrupt than India and China.
Whereas, countries like Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore were considered to be least corrupt with Pakistan standing 116th in the list.

Gender Equality

India stood behind 86 countries in terms of Gender Equality but it managed to be better than China.
Most of the Islamic countries were placed in the bottom of the list with Pakistan being on the 143rd rank out of 144 countries included in the index.


Switzerland was considered to be the most innovative country as per the Index, while China managed to secure the 22nd rank.
Whereas, India was placed at the 60th rank out of the 127 countries included in the Index.

Personal, Civil & Economic Freedom

As per the report, only 40 per cent of the population of the world is free and 24 per cent is partly free. As per the report, 36 per cent of the world population is not free.
India is considered to be free with 77 per cent score. China and Russia with 12 per cent and 20 per cent score respectively are considered not to be free.

Freedom of Press

The index compiled by 'Reporters without Borders' placed all the three countries in the bottom 50. China is one of the worst countries in terms of freedom of the press. India's rank which is not very encouraging either, has slipped down 3 levels from 2016 when it was placed at 133rd rank.