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Unique jobs found only in India

Highly specialised jobs, which have been learnt and practised across generations are integral to the Indian culture

Ear cleaner

Kaan-saaf-wallah is a vanishing tribe of ear cleaners in India. Still in some parts of the country one will find ear cleaners scraping out dirt and gunk with a needle.

Roadside dentist

Come visit India, you will find roadside dentists performing complicated dental procedure on patients.

Professional mourners

Rudaalis: women who sell tears for living. High-caste households hire these women to mourn on the death of a family member. This group of women are normally found in the state Rajasthan.

Spot boys in bollywood

Whether it?s arranging fresh fruit juice for the prissy actress or making and serving chai, spot boys perform a lot of odd but indispensable jobs on the shooting sets.

Parrot astrologer

Some astrologers in India specialises parrots to tell the fortune of the people. Parrots are known to imitate human speech, so the trained parrots imitate their master's voice and pick up the tarot-like-cards. The astrologer opens the card and based on the image tells the fortune of the patron.

Human rickshaw puller

In many of the states of India one could get a glimpse of men, manually pulling a rickshaw. Frail, barefoot man, whether its rain or shine, hauling 3 to 4 passengers at once is not an unusual sight in Kolkata. This havoc glimpse of hand-pulled- rickshaw gives an idea of the state of poverty and struggle.


Paan and cigarette wallahs are found in every corner of India.


The Dabba-wallahs are the men engaged in the delivery system of hot cooked food. they ferry ready-cooked meals from central kitchens to the customers and back. One can have a sight of them in Mumbai.