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Train accidents have become a deadly trend in India

Have a glimpse into India's disastrous train collisions in the last decade.

Muzaffarnagar train accident

One of the deadliest train accident took place on August 19, 2017, when 14 coaches of the Puri-Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express derailed in Muzaffarnagar?s Khatauli region in Uttar Pradesh. This accident took the lives of 23 passengers and injured around 70.

Three elephants were killed by a speeding train in Assam

Three elephants were killed by a speeding train in Assam in December 2016. Of the three elephants, two were pregnant females.

Hampi Express accident

On 22 May 2012, the Hubli-Bangalore, Hampi Express collided with a goods train near in Andhra Pradesh. Four bogies of the train got derailed and one of them caught fire, around 25 passengers were killed and many of them were charred, leaving around 43 injured.

Sainthia train collision

On 19 July 2010, a train collision occurred in Sainthia, West Bengal, when the Uttar Banga Express collided with the Vananchal Express. Around 63 people killed and more than 165 people injured.

Jnaneshwari Express train derailment

One of the most horrifying train accidents was the Howrah-Kurla Gyaneshwari train derailment. The super deluxe Gyaneshwari Express was hit by another train carrying goods last year on the 28th of May 2010. At least 141 passengers were killed, leaving 250 injured.

Valigonda train disaster

Valigonda train disaster occurred on 29 October 2005, as flash flood swept away a small rail bridge, and a "Delta Fast Passenger" train travelling on it derailed at the broken section of the line, killing at least 114 people and injuring over 200.

Awadh?Assam Express and Brahmaputra Mail collision

The Gaisal train disaster that took place when the Awadh-Assam Express, bound for Guwahati in the northeast state of Assam, collided with the Delhi-bound Brahmaputra Mail on 2nd August 1999. Around 285 passengers were killed and almost 300 people were injured in this massive crash.

Train accidents in the last decade

The figure includes accidents at unmanned level crossings (UMLCs) caused mainly due to the negligence of road vehicle users.
Accidents Per Million Train Kilometers, an important index of safety has come down from 0.23 in 2006-07 to 0.10 in 2015-16 and further 0.09 despite a quantum increase in the volume of traffic carried by Indian Railways over the years.