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Forbes list 2017: Shah Rukh, Salman & Akshay among highest paid actors

From Mark Wahlberg to Akshay Kumar, this is the entire list of most paid actors

Number 8: Shah Rukh Khan

WIth $38 million in pretax, the Indian actor makes it to the top 10 highest paid actors.

Number 9: Salman Khan

Salman Khan earned $37 million to land at eighth spot.

Number 10: Akshay Kumar

The Indian actor summed up the top list with $35.5 million in total earnings.

Number 1: Mark Wahlberg

The former rapper-turned-actor is Hollywood's highest-paid leading man, earning $68 million pretax

Number 2: Dwayne Johnson

The wrestler turned actor has made it to the high club of Hollywood. He earned $65 million pretax.

Number 3: Vin Diesel

He earned $54.5 million pretax to land up third in the highest paid actors list. The eighth installment of Fast and Furious franchise was the second highest grossing film.

Number 4: Adam Sandler

He earned $50.5 million to earn the fourth spot. His major earnings come from the Netflix deal where he makes movies from the streaming service.

Number 5: Jackie Chan

He makes most of his money on mainland movies in China. He earned #49 million to earn the spot.

Number 6: Robert Downey Jr.

He made $48 million in pretax.

Number 7: Tom Cruise

He takes the seventh spot with $43 million in pretax.