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iPhone X: Special features

In an event held in California on Tuesday, Apple launched its much awaited iPhone X, the tenth-anniversary phone along with iPhone 8 series, and Apple Watch

'The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone'

Apple rolled out its much awaited iPhone X for $999 on Tuesday. The phone launched in the US is scheduled for shipment on Nov 3.

Chief Executive Tim Cook called it 'The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone'

The Vibrant screen iPhone X

Designed with OLED the new screen technology phone features rich colours.

Apple replaced the fingerprint sensor with facial recognition for unlocking the phone.

However, the company was embarrassed during the event when the face ID unlock did not work on its first attempt.

No Home button with a Wireless charging

Eliminating the home button, iPhone X has introduced a single tap for turning on the device.

iPhone X also has a wireless charging and an infrared camera

Apple Watch

iPhone 8 series

Apple has also introduced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The two models resemble iPhone 7 but have a glass back for wireless charging.

The phones are priced at $699 and $799.

Apple shares

The company's shares closed down 0.4 per cent. They had traded as much as 1 per cent higher during the launch event before reversing course. The shares are up almost 40 per cent on the year.

The tenth anniversary Apple X

Chief Executive Tim Cook called iPhone X "The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone."
Apple launched its tenth anniversary Apple iPhone with all new features as the company had faced rejections with its previous launch of iPhone 7 when many consumers claimed iPhone 7 to be the replica of iPhone 6.