Ralph Lauren, Elie Tahari kick off New York Fashion Week 2019

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) marks the beginning of fashion month around, which travels across to London, Milan and Paris during February until early March.

While the occasion allows a range of well-known and emerging designers to annually present their autumn/winter designs to the world, it also provides celebrities and influencers with the opportunity to get spotted attending the most sought-after, star-studded events.

This year, it officially begins on February 4 and ends on February 13. 

New York Fashion Week.

One of the outstanding shows of the night was that of Elie Tahari, who was celebrating 45 years in the fashion industry with a special show.

There was anticipation ahead of Tahari's collection at the Spring Studios, home of New York "Fashion Week", where there were "influencers" from social networks and actresses like Laverne Cox and Bella Thorne.

His Autumn-Winter 2019 collection was sophisticated and daring, but very practical: gold and bronze colors were seen contrasted with purple jewels, and fabrics with different textures and volumes in garments such as wide-leg pants, capes or ponchos.

New York Fashion Week.

The most striking designs were skirts and fur jackets with lynx prints; coats, skirts and dresses with brocaded finishes; and sensual satin was used discreetly, in a pleated skirt or a draped dress.

New York Fashion Week.

Apart from Elie, American designer Ralph Lauren also made his first visit to New York runway this year with this show. He immersed himself in elegance and luxury with a Spring 2019 collection dominated by feminine and slender designs with luxurious and sophisticated materials in black and gold, and sometimes white.

The show took place in the new "Ralph's Coffee" café located in the shop on the exclusive Madison Avenue, decorated with classic white marble tables, large mirrors and crystal lamps.

New York Fashion Week.

Models get ready for the catwalk. 

New York Fashion Week.

The colour black was also very much present in the entire Ralph Lauren collection, which was decorated with gold elements.