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I Choose You: Pokemon movie to release soon

With the release of 'Pokemon, the movie-I Choose You', here's to recollect the popular late 90s animated series-POKEMON


Pokemon, a popular animated series from the late 90s, originated from a Japanese anime television series called Pocket Monsters.


The animated series was first aired on television in 1997.

The story of the series revolved around a Pokemon master and his small group of friends. The major characters of the series were Ash and Pikachu, Ash being the trainer of the adorable Pokemon Pikachu. Other characters of the series were Misty, Brock, Jessie, James.

Misty-Brock-Ash Vs Team Rocket

Misty, Brock, and Ash were best friends while Jessie and James were the cute villains called the 'Team Rocket'

The series was very popular among the 90s kids.


Pikachu- the adorable and cute Pokemon from the anime series is the most popular character from the show.

Ash- Pikachu

The trainer-Pokemon duo, Ash and Pikachu were involved in a series of adventures throughout the show. Both of them won many battles together.

Pokemon Go

The craze of Pokemon did not stop here.

A game called Pokemon Go based on the anime series was developed by Niantic company in 2016.

Pokemon Go was free-to-play on iOS and Android.

The players here used to catch the virtual Pokemon. The game used GPS of players' device to locate, capture and battle with Pokemon.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!

The popular animated series will soon hit theatres on November 5 and 6.

The Japanese anime television series that has been adapted into a movie 'Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! ' will be 're-telling' Ash and Pikachu's early adventures together.