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Mobile Gaming: Tetris, Tap Tap Revenge and the rise of Angry Birds

Over the years mobile games have evolved from a mere combination of black pixels to deliver PC quality graphics. The ever growing popularity of mobile phones forced the video gaming industry to shift their focus onto mobile gaming.


The first ever video game introduced in mobile phone was Nokia's Snake in the year 1998. A black and white 2D game with pixelated graphics, Snake, marked the beginning of gaming in mobile phones. The 'snake' was already installed on every Nokia handset. The goal of the game was to prevent the snake from hitting the screen or any other obstacle while saving itself from its growing length.

With over 350 million players across the world, it has been one of the widely played mobile games. Hugely popular at the time, many people today have fond memories of playing Snake on their first Nokia handset.

Tetris- PC game from 1984

After the release of Snake, an already popular PC game was incorporated into mobile gaming.
Tetris- PC game from 1984, was introduced in mobile in 2000. Tetris revolutionised already existing mobile games by introducing colours to it. The puzzle game involved modifying and controlling each new piece falling from the top to match colours.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In 2001 Sonic the Hedgehog was also brought into handsets.The game featured Sonic running to stop the evil Doctor Robotnik from taking over the world.

Arcade style games, Space invaders, and bowling incorporated into mobile gaming

In 2002, with the launch of Java support smartphone, mobile gaming was further evolved with the launch of Arcade style games. Space invaders and bowling were introduced on phones.
From 2004 to 2007, numerous arcade style games were ported to mobile phones to attract the arcade players who were already aware of the game and would love to leisure it on a portable device.

1979 Atari game

In 2004 the classic 1979 Asteroid Zone was incorporated into a mobile game. The 1979 Atari game aimed at shooting asteroids in deep space.

Touch Screen Games

In 2007, the launch of Apple iPhone changed the rules of the game again. With the invention of the touch screen, the Tap Revolution mobile games were getting more and more advanced. The touch interface had forced the game developers to change the entire game strategy.

Tap Tap Revenge

The first game with improved graphics, for an all touch device, was officially launched with this. Tap Tap Revenge, where players had to hit incoming balls on the screen in tune with the rhythm. The game was played on the entire screen.

Angry Birds

With further advancement, plain and simple pixelated graphic games were transformed into more beautiful and realistic games.
Angry Birds, the 2009 launch by Rovio on iPhone, devised real life physics in gameplay. The game was very popular among the game enthusiasts. Angry Birds involved shooting animated birds to break down walls.

Temple Run

Following the success of iPhone, Google launched its Android platform in 2008, to compete with the ever growing popularity of iOS.
The next two years saw more smart devices in the market which further escalated the demand for more apps and games. Mobile gaming continued to improve graphics and add new genres such as puzzle matching and multiplayer games.

In 2011 the monotonous puzzle based and shooting games were replaced by fast paced action game Temple Run. Temple Run emerged as one of the most popular games of all time. The unique gaming experience featured an endless running experience in a 3D graphic.

Clash of Clans

In 2012, war strategy game "Clash of Clans" made its way into the mobile phones. Supercell introduced the game and made it even better with awesome multiplayer capabilities.The game connected people from different parts of the world where they could form villages, join clans and fight for their virtual land.


Asphalt introduced in 2013 reinvented the mobile gaming segment. Asphalt 7 brought retina display graphics to mobile which meant detailed visuals along with matching audio output.
Gameloft's improved version of Asphalt, Asphalt 8: Airborne, further showed great graphics. It gave a very high-level racing through this game. The multiplayer gaming experience gave tough competition to PCs and consoles.