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Meet the Bad Boys of Tennis

These five players have courted controversy on various occasions because of their comments on a range of issues

Guilty as charged Ilie Nastase (Wikipedia)

Britain's Fed Cup tie witnessed Ilie Nastase being thrown off court for bashing the referee and calling him "f****** arsehole" and Johanna Konta a "f****** bitch". He was handed a provisional ban by the International Tennis Federation. Later on, he apologised for his behaviour.

He also made racist remarks on Serena Williams' baby which attracted a huge controversy in the tennis world. He later went on to apologise for upsetting people.

Not so sorry John McEnroe (Wikipedia)

John Patrick McEnroe Jr often made headlines in the tennis world for his on-court controversial behaviour. He was known to lose his temper while playing and was a subject of many parodies made on him.

He recently made a misogynist comment on Serena Williams by saying "if she played the men?s circuit she?d be like 700 in the world". He was later asked to apologise for his insensitive comment which he refused to do.

Outspoken Goran Ivani?evic (Wikipedia)

In tennis, you really can?t please everyone" said Goran Ivanisevic.

The only man to win Wimbledon through a wildcard, Goran Ivani?evic is well known for his temperament and outspokenness both on and off-court.

Indifferent Nick Kyrgios

Australian professional tennis player, Nick Kyrgios was reported sledging Stan Wawrinka in an obscene manner. The young player is only 22 years old and is already grabbing eyeballs for his indifferent attitude towards the game and other players.

He was allegedly called disrespectful by his opponent for his negative comments.

Tantrum throwing Tomic (Wikipedia)

Also an Australian professional tennis player, Bernard Tomic faced a backlash by the media and public for his thoughtless comments in a conference. He was reported as saying to his critics that "Go back dreaming about your dream car or house while I go buy them.", I'm bored of the game.",

Because of what he said he has landed himself in a huge trouble as he goes through a 12-month ban and lost contracts. But it's hard to say whether the chap has learnt any lessons from this backlash.