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Manipur elections through the lens

As results of assembly elections in the state of Manipur draw near, take a look at the key issues faced by the population. From AFSPA to Corruption, all the necessary problems to be brought forward

Violence Against Women

Violence against women, also known as gender-based violence. Such violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women are a big problem in Manipur. Such acts cause disgust in peoples minds, and have to stop.

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts (AFSPA)

8th September 1980, was when Manipur was declared an area of disturbance. It was when the Indian government imposed the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 on the region; the act currently remains in force.

Insurgency in Manipur

The Insurgency in Manipur is a continuous outfitted clash amongst India and various separatist revolt bunches, occurring in the district of Manipur.
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Maoists have expanded in Manipur rapidly, and could soon become one of the most challenging internal security menaces.
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One of the biggest impediments to development of Manipur is corruption. Every other political figure, official, groups of people want to fill their homes on the basis of others suffering.

Tribal Division

Manipur is not united. There are major 3 tribes (Meitei, Naga and Kuki) in Manipur, each with a separate set of demands, causing a lot of unrest in the public.
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Written and Compiled by - Karanveer Singh Arora