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India's unique heritage which comes with a GI status

From Bangalore's Rose onions to Jaipur's Blue Pottery and Tamil Nadu's temple jewelry all these Indian products have bagged a status of Geographical Indication.

Sankheda furniture of Gujarat

Sankheda furniture of Gujarat is a colorful teak wood furniture, which is not only widely popular in India but is also exported to the countries including West Asia and Europe. It got protected under GeographicaI Indication of Goods Act, 1999 of the Government of India and got GI status as a handicraft item.

Bhut Jolokia of Nagaland

The Bhut Jolokia also called as ghost pepper and ghost chili is known as the hottest chili in the world. Cultivated in the states of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Manipur, this chili pepper belongs to the Capsicum Chinese family. It has also received Guinness Worlds records in 2007, after which it bagged the tag of GI status.

Muga silk of Assam

Muga, the unique golden-yellow silk of Assam with glossy and shimmering texture, has been granted the Geographical Indication (GI) registration. Muga silk is the first item from the state to obtain the GI tag.

Blue pottery of Jaipur

Blue pottery of Jaipur is a widely recognised traditional craft of India, which has already got geographical indication status. This unique technique of pottery making came to Jaipur in the 17th century during the Mughal period. Today, blue pottery is an industry that provides livelihood to many people in Jaipur.

Bangalore Rose onion

Bangalore Rose onion has become the 217th product of India to get the GI status. It is exclusively grown to be exported to countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahrain, UAE, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Kannauj perfume of Uttar Pradesh

Kannauj perfume of Uttar Pradesh had a long history; the city used to trade perfumes with the Middle Eastern countries and, therefore, with years of manufacturing, perfume makes this city the ?perfume capital of India?. This major perfume industry bagged GI tag in the year 2014.

Thanjavur doll of Tamil Nadu

The Thanjavur dancing doll is a type of traditional Indian bobblehead or roly-poly handmade toy made of terracotta material. It is made such proportions that when shaken, the doll dances and comes back to its original state always. This unique doll has bagged GI tag.

Temple jewelry of Nagercoil

Temple jewelry of Nagercoil is an essential adornment of Tamil bride. This unique jewelry style is from the period of Chola dynasty, it is studded with Kemp stones come either in dark reddish maroon or dark green color. It too has GI tag attached with it.